The Gift WITHIN By Angelyn Toth

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Each one of us has, locked deep within the crevices of our soul, an important gift.  A seed containing a holographic component of truth.  This seed comes tattooed to us at birth – it is our birthright.  As we grow, we seek a warm, safe rich soil in which to plant this precious jewel so that we can watch with eager anticipation, the deliverance of its promise. We are all given certain gifts or better to say, we have earned specific gifts that are pertinent to our soul’s evolution and our human journey in this lifetime. These gifts,...

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The Creative Fire

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What is creativity?  Where does it come from?  How do we describe such an energy force that is something to be discovered, awakened – unfolded? It is a flow of energy that literally sweeps you into its vortex and spits you out sometimes days, weeks or months later.  Where does the ‘me’ go when being consumed and caught up in the muse? This is its power – there is no me and that is why it is a wonderful happening. When the me is lost and I is free to soar with the oneness of all that is.  You have no choice, it has you and it has...

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