The Gift WITHIN By Angelyn Toth

Each one of us has, locked deep within the crevices of our soul, an important gift.  A seed containing a holographic component of truth.  This seed comes tattooed to us at birth – it is our birthright.  As we grow, we seek a warm, safe rich soil in which to plant this precious jewel so that we can watch with eager anticipation, the deliverance of its promise.

We are all given certain gifts or better to say, we have earned specific gifts that are pertinent to our soul’s evolution and our human journey in this lifetime. These gifts, like a loyal dog, are always there for us to use and no matter how we ignore, abuse or throw them away—they will continue to return and look up at us with tenacious enthusiasm.

Children naturally know and express their joy and creativity freely, yet most adults have more difficulty.  You can experience the essence every now and again peering out through the eyes, but often it remains hidden.   Although this is a natural phenomenon, many have not quite found the spot warm enough, safe enough to trust the wisdom of the soil.  Others have unwittingly cast their seed to the wind, only to have it land on barren soil.  Still others had their daises stomped on, smashed like pulp back into the earth.

Saddest of all are the ones who do not even realise this gift is within them awaiting expression.  Frustrated by their many attempts, they resign themselves to mediocrity and life without passion. The human dilemma: haunted by an inner knowing.  Feeling teased with the mystery, intrigued by its tenacity … but never giving up the search.

The seed knows what it will be.  We do not have to figure it out, it is already pre-determined. If it is given warm fertile soil, water, sunlight and love it cannot help but become what it is.  This is so for all of us—if we simply trust and allow the creative essence to come forth, free of doubt, free of judgment, it will reveal itself.  Hardy seeds are bound by nothing, even the coldest concrete will not stop their existence.

In the presence of love here at Xenia, we find it easy to trust in this process.  The expression of our unique gifts happens naturally with ease and grace.  The gifts we were born with.  Sharing with precious mentors and friends, gently witnessing our emergence is a huge gift in itself.

Mother nature awaits our call to nurture and nourish our spirit, to embrace us and listen to our story.  So when we take a risk to know ourselves at the deepest core of our being and when we have found a place safe enough, then centred like the mature willow, we can reveal ourselves to the wind and the rain.

Xenia Creative Development Centre
Bowen Island, BC. Canada