– Treasures of Xenia –

Xenia is home to many blessings, namely of the natural variety.
There are specific things however that you will find here that are not common to just any place.
Each have their own story built from time, spirit and destiny.

OPA– The Ancient Tree

Opa, a 1000 year Douglas Fir tree, is one of two old growth trees remaining on Bowen Island. Bowen Island was cleared of almost all its old trees by the early part of this century. Opa, scarred by saws and marked by the logger’s axe, somehow avoided the clear-cutting of the island. Opa was spared for a reason.  We are graced with the presence of this sentient being and it is a humbling experience to stand at Opa’s feet.  Opa will listen to your story and answer your questions.

The Labyrinth – 11 Circuits

The Labyrinth is an Archetype, a divine imprint found in spiritual traditions in various forms around the world. By walking the labyrinth we are discovering a long forgotten mystical tradition which becomes a metaphor for our own spiritual journey. The walk is a shared journey – an activity which communities can do together to coalesce and unify vision. The labyrinth is a mandala that meets our longing for a change of heart; for a change of ways in how we live together and for the energy, the vision, and the courage to become agents of transformation.Angelyn has trained as a Facilitator with Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress who is Canon of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, and who created the world-wide Labyrinth Project. Xenia’s outdoor labyrinth, outlined in stone, is an ancient Hopi/Cretan/Celtic design. This eleven-circuit Labyrinth dates back some 4,000 years.

Meditation Sanctuary

The Sanctuary was built entirely of wood from Xenia by two special Angels, Matthew and Tarla, who donated their time, love and skill to this project. Many of the materials were also donated.The moment you step into the Sanctuary, the pristine silence greets you and a peace moves through the air. With an eternal candle holding silent vigil 24 hours a day. A universal symbol of love and peace.

   The Horse Barn

Brian Silver designed and helped frame up the barn structure and for over eight years it sat there awaiting completion.   Some of our guests thought it was some kind of art form because it had been sitting like that for so many years.  

Meanwhile Boww, Kasara’s horse, awaited a promise of a new barn and a new companion. He was very patient.  Eight long years later, through a new business venture, we were able to buy the materials for the barn and complete it.

Special thanks to Andy Huiniuk and his crew for doing a fabulous job.   On the heals of the barn opening, Boww received his handsome new companion, Khodo to share his luxurious digs with.”  – Angelyn

 – The Animals –

Xenia is blessed with some of the best animal companions to be found.  These beautiful, loving animals are always here to give you the best kind of company you could ask for.  Some of them are regular residents of the acreage while others fly in to visit from for away lands.

THE HORSES – Summer, Khodo, Boww and Tango

Khodo, the bay coloured quarter horse belongs to Angelyn and the black and white quarter horse, Summer belongs to Katrina.   Visit them at the barn, inside or out, rain or shine on your way to the Labyrinth or Sanctuary for your meditation or to visit OPA.  The white dappled grey percheron Boww and gentle black Tango have graced Xenia’s past with their amazing presence and are always remembered.





As you come upon it, you may think it is a dog house.  It is Charlie’s house and you pass it on the way to and from the lodge. He loves talking with visitors and especially loves having his ears rubbed.  When he is not at home, he is free to roam all 38 acres of Xenia and you will see him munching on grass and plants or just laying here and there basking in the sun.

Read a letter to Charlie from Clara here.




IMG_8404GraceMaggie & Burnni


Learn More About Billy

Doggies of Xenia
Over the past 20 years, Xenia has been the home of many a canine.  They are wonderful companions and hosts of Xenia.  We are mostly a dog friendly place as long as they get along with our pig and horses and do not have a barking problem…:).   Please make sure to ask at our Office before bringing your pets. You will also find our dogs attached to specific people so if you are a little nervous around dogs, you can relax and trust they are friendly and supervised.
Maggie, Kasara’s dog, stays often with us at Xenia. She is a beautiful golden lab, intelligent and kind.  Billy lived his whole life (15 years) at Xenia, he won Bowen Island’s Dog of the Year Award in 2006 and has been an integral part of the Xenia staff throughout.  His specialty was asking for forgiveness rather than permission and he will be missed by the many friends (community and visitors) he has made over the years.

Grace, a chocolate labradoodle is our newest addition.  She is so cute, full of love, joy and play and loves to welcome all
To read more about Billy click here.





Rajah Bagheera Batman Barn Cat

Bagheera, adopted from the SPCA several years ago, resides at Angelyn’s home. With all these names, we could add another name – illusive. Even though he is fairly illusive, he is an absolute love. If you are at the barn, watch – you might just see him. Say hello if you do.





Xenia backs on to the lake and Bowen Island’s bird sanctuary. Early morning and at
dusk, rain or shine, you will hear a cacophony of exquisite bird songs that remind you that you are alive.

Like the snake, the deer take the liberty to be seen as they wander freely. Look higher up, here come the geese as they fly through the valley, sometimes coming into the meadow, wings spread and landing softly. Imagine also the eagles soaring above you, at times banking like an airplane at a lower altitude, a clearer view of their majesty. If you listen closely, you may hear the owl. Owls tune into the work here and make themselves know at very pertinent times.

To hear the owls click “PLAY”










 – Awesome Hikes –



Mount Gardner (5 hour return hike from Xenia)



Killarney Lake (1 hour return hike from Xenia)



Honeymoon Lake (30 minutes return hike from Xenia)



~ A Place to Be ~