Yoga & Hiking. Vitality & Ease Vibrant Souls Yoga Retreat

Yoga & Hiking. Vitality & Ease
Vibrant Souls Yoga Retreat
Sept 15 – 17 2017

Join Maeve Jones on Bowen Island to feel the vibrance of your soul. Immerse yourself in a magical forest and clear the way for effortless being.

Rise up to meet your brilliant nature!

Explore lush forests and wandering trails on hikes that lead to hilltops, lakes, and a beach. Step into a wilderness paradise where you can see nature’s incredible force in all things – and tap into that overflowing vital energy in yourself. 

This journey will begin with morning yoga practice with Maeve Jones to clear your mind, move stuck energy, and tune your thoughts to the frequency of love.  At night, wind down and integrate through meaningful connection around the campfire. With day-to-day details taken care of, you can relax and enjoy the sweet company of your soul.

Emerge feeling lighter, at ease, and brimming with vitality. Become effortlessly brilliant — it’s your nature.

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Maeve Jones

Yoga, Play and Self-Realization
Whistler, BC